Encouraging Single Mothers to Reach their God-given Potential

Support our mission of PROVIDING HOPE, BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, AND CREATING OPPORTUNITY for single mother families!

* Providing Hope by empowering single mothers and supporting them while enrolled in higher education. We offer a safe haven so that they can successfully reach their personal and academic goals.

* Building Relationships by providing housing in a community style setting that fosters relationships with other single mothers and a church family. We also offer mentoring and counseling to each mom so that she can reach her fullest potential.

* Creating Opportunity by helping single mothers identify a career path that fits with her interests and abilities and assisting with enrollment into a relevant academic program.

Your gift, no matter how large or small, will help provide our families with housing and supportive services... because every single mother should be given the opportunity to improve her circumstances through higher education.

Thank YOU for joining us in the movement to overcome barriers to advancement for struggling single moms!